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About Twins global

Kari and Lisha Schneider

Our Background

Travel is what we hoped for, but it’s better than even we thought it would be. I can’t imagine what we’d be doing if we didn’t do this,” says Kari. Kari and Lisha Schneider have taken a big dream and made it a reality, not just for themselves, but for their team. The skills their mother instilled in them all those years ago are still at work today. And whatever the next 10 years may hold for Kari and Lisha Schneider, chances are good that it’ll be at least twice as impressive as what they’ve done in the previous 10. 


How WE Got Started

“We virtually did travel parties every single night. We would meet with people one-on-one. And all the stuff that people do to get“We learned how to bring our teams together and create that culture where they’re part of a family, and feel like they’re welcome,”says Lisha.BEYOND THE IMAGINATION—JUST THE BEGINNINGThe WorldVentures of today is both very different and very much the same as it was 10 years ago. Sustained by the same vision that Kari and Lisha saw in Wayne Nugent and Dan Stammen, the company has matured and expanded beyond what the twins ever expected.  


Top Destinations

One of our favorite places to visit so far has been Denmark. We absolutely loved the colors and architecture in Copenhagen. We hope I get to go back soon!